A Foodie Saturday

Panic mode at 2am: I hadn’t defrosted the lamb shanks for my dinner party. A deep dive into the freezer only yielded 2 lamb foreshanks. Somehow my OCD freezer tracking system had failed me!

So the alarm set for much earlier than intended, a quick dash to the local farm shop was called for this morning. What an unexpected treat! Since my last visit, they have expanded their range of local brews and completely reorganized the shop floor. My favourite local shop just got even better. I am blessed.




milk vodka

Mr. Butcher himself was behind the counter as usual and he was positively drooling recalling a Gordon Ramsay inspired lamb shank, resplendent with chili and Asian aromas. And looking forward to hearing the results of the Vietnamese version I’ve got planned for tonight. Apparently. Was that just well-judged sales chat?

Not Mr. Butcher. When I enquired after his beautiful lamb shanks (no pun intended), he warned me they are pricey. Loved the honesty. But my heart was set.

He had some luscious Osso Bucco too (again, no pun intended). Being assured they are stocked every week (“come early on a Friday to be sure”), I’m already contemplating what to do with those another day.

Back home, I got spoiled at my lovely neighbour’s MacMillan Cancer Support Coffee Morning. She’d been baking for two days. Resulting in an amazing spread of home-baked goodies, including some gingerbread men hand-made with her little girl.  And some gluten-free goodies brought by a friend. That almond-loaded carrot cake and those coconut flour cheese scones were utterly delicious!

MacMillan coffee morning


MacMillan Coffee Morning

Tiered flowery cake stands, cute oldie-worldie cups, a genuine feast.

I’ve been supporting MacMillan Nurses for years, so a big thumbs up to my neighbour for raising funds in such a lovely and sociable way for such a fantastic cause. And a huge shout out to everyone who hosted a similar MacMillan coffee morning this week across the UK and beyond.

Now knee deep in prep for tonight’s dinner. Check out the results tomorrow on this very blog…

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