About The Dutch Foodie

Welcome to my food blog!

I love sharing my foodie passions, recipes, nuggets of food history and folklore, little anecdotes, tips, tricks and recommendations.

I’m not a qualified chef, but over the years  I’ve enjoyed numerous wine, nutrition and cooking classes. I’m also not a nutritionist nor a professional blogger or journalist (although I was a journalist briefly many many moons ago).

I am simply a busy career women, who happens to love cooking.

Every recipe I share here is cooked by my own fair hand in a domestic kitchen unless stated otherwise. All the pictures are taken without fancy tricks or frills on my trusty mobile phone.

Pea soup with chorizo and confit garlic

So… a little bit about me and my foodie journey so far…

I’m Marianne and I’m Dutch (You’d never have guessed from the site name, right?), but my family moved just over the border into Flemish Belgium when I was a toddler. Many happy memories of childhood, university and a venture into journalism in Belgium before love drew me to England in 1990. He’s long gone, I’m still in England.

I was lucky enough to have a boyfriend with an expense account when studying in Brussels. So rather than the usual student debauchery, I got introduced to fabulous restaurants and good wine.

I was hooked!

Belgian cuisine is much underrated, and I still have a deep fondness for steak or moules frites, waterzooi, brown shrimp croquettes and stuffed tomatoes.

Belgian stuffed tomatoes

At the time I was the proud owner of a single electric cooking ring, no fridge and no hot water. I could tell you some stories about my earliest kitchen antics and cooking semi-decent meals on a very limited budget and with very limited means.

Which reminds me of the time I cooked my very first 3 course meal in my very first flat in Antwerp. Much ridiculed delay between courses, as I was juggling multiple processes without experience, work surfaces or suitable implements to speak off, plating up on the (clean) kitchen floor.

Once in England, my-then-BF usually arrived home before me. He was a student, I had a proper job. So he did the daily budget shopping: Ready steady cook every single day!

Lots of baking too, including mum’s infamous Dutch apple tart, nut cake, “mon chou taart” and “schwartzwalder kirsch torte”. Eventually realized that weekly baking just for the two of us was probably overkill, and not very kind on the waist line…

Apple tarte tatin

Around this time, the first Masterchef series arrived in the UK, BBC Good Food magazine was first issued, I started travelling more and the rest is history: kitchen cupboards exploding with gadgets, an extensive cookbook library and a nigh on obsession with anything and everything to do with food, both at home and away.

Following various residential fitness boot camps and detoxes, continuing research and a nutrition course, I gained a deep appreciation of clean eating for health, juicing, avoiding overly processed foods, refined sugar and white starchy carbs.

But I am a gourmet at heart. Or probably a gourmand. So I dilly-dally between health and indulgence.

Fregola pasta salad

I also don’t claim that 100% of my recipes are completely my own creations. Indeed, I credit my main inspirations whenever credit is due.

What is constant though, is REAL FOOD. Good, fresh, mostly organic, ingredients, preferably local and seasonal, cooked with care and attention, an interest to adapt recipes to be healthier and more nutritious by lowering white carbs/gluten/fat/refined sugar without losing on taste or texture.

I also hate food waste, so many recipes include ideas for using and storing leftovers. A lot of them are even born from leftovers.

Dutch Uitsmijter

For me, this blog is a great way to keep track of my culinary adventures, how I adapted or created recipes and what I’ve learned and experienced along the way.

For you, I hope this will be of help, interest and amusement.

Feel free to comment and share your experiences and thoughts, as we travel together on this foodie journey.

Marianne The Dutch Foodie

If you’d like to use any of my posts, pictures or recipes, please be so kind as to ask first, to include a link to this site and credit The Dutch Foodie as the author.

Love and happy cooking,

Marianne x